Waste Paper

Waste Paper

HMT Papers recognizes the value of Waste Paper as a precious resource that should not go to waste. We take pride in offering premium-quality Waste Paper to meet all your paper needs while promoting sustainability.

Waste Paper is a type of paper crafted from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly and reusable option. At HMT Papers, we are dedicated to the recycling process and strive to supply top-notch Waste Paper to the global market..

As the leading Waste Paper supplier in the worldwide market, we take responsibility for our environmental impact. We offer an array of papers, including white, brown, and yellow varieties, suitable for various applications like office use and printing.

Environmental consciousness is at the core of our operations, with the majority of our products being crafted from recycled materials. Additionally, we also have the capability to manufacture custom-designed products to cater to unique customer demands.

Embrace sustainability and join HMT Papers in our mission to conserve resources and reduce waste through the efficient use of Waste Paper. Choose us for all your Waste Paper requirements and contribute to a greener future with our high-quality products.

HMT Papers is a prominent OCC waste paper supplier, exporting globally through an international reseller network. With competitive pricing and high-quality raw materials, our focus is on delivering exceptional service and products. Our OCC waste paper caters to diverse needs, ranging from industrial to domestic applications. Made from 100% recycled material and boasting high opacity, it ensures the protection of sensitive information.

HMT Papers’ OINP waste paper is highly sought after worldwide for its recycling benefits. It is the preferred choice for environmentally conscious corporations and institutions that value sustainability and cost-effectiveness. By using our OINP waste paper, you can avoid negative environmental impacts and make a positive contribution. Rest assured that our products are of superior quality and will meet all your requirements without compromise.

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