Ik Plus A4 Paper

Ik Plus A4 Paper

Platinum Papers proudly presents IK Plus A4 Copy Paper, the epitome of premium quality, exceptional performance, and environmental consciousness. This high-grade copy paper guarantees a seamless experience with no jams or double-feeds in photocopy or printing machines, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. Moreover, it remains perfectly flat after copying and leaves no dust residue in the machine, ensuring a clean and hassle-free process.

IK Plus A4 Copy Paper exudes a sense of luxury with its smooth and bulky texture, offering a delightful tactile experience. Its bright white and clean appearance contribute to delivering impeccable print results, making it virtually indistinguishable on both sides after printing. Its versatility shines through, as it caters to high-speed printing or copying at an impressive 100 ppm, accommodating laser printing, inkjet printing, fax machines, offset printing, digital printing, and photocopies.

With a thickness ranging from 103 to 110um and adhering to the international size standard of 210mm*297mm, IK Plus A4 Copy Paper provides consistent and reliable performance. Its natural white appearance, ranging from 102% to 104%, ensures that your documents stand out with a professional finish.

For all types of jobs, offices, and corporations seeking top-tier quality for their commercial needs, IK Plus A4 Copy Paper is the preferred choice. As the leading wholesale supplier and dealer of IK Plus A4 Paper, Platinum Papers guarantees access to this exceptional product, elevating your printing and copying experiences to unparalleled heights.

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